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We are on a mission to 

supercharge sales productivity!

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Our Vision

The success of a company is driven by the ability to have a strong and scalable revenue function. Its ability to bring a product to market and convince customers that it'll deliver sustainable value. Unfortunately, sales is today a relatively obscure function, too often left to luck.

We believe in enabling with enterprise sales to enable more predictable and streamlined growth.

More efficient, aligned, and data-driven organizations can help create the kind of revenue team that will supercharge your growth. 

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Our Mission 

Account executives spend today between 65 and 80% of their time on non-customer-related activities: CRM update, internal coordination, chasing colleagues, transcribing notes... This time isn't on what truly drives deals: selling!

We work to empower sales professionals with the tools, insights, and channels to hit their quota every time.

Our AI workspace is built to help revenue teams organize themselves and make better decisions in the day-to-day. With our AI copilot and intuitive workspace, sales reps can be more productive and be guided through their sales cycle.


Our values

Focus on customers

We put our customers at the center of every decision that we make. Across all functions, we focus on our customer' needs and how we can solve their pain - it's the reason we exist!

Hustle over everything

We have a strong biais towards action and a strong sense of ownership. We do what's needed to be done, even when no one is watching. We test quickly, learn quicky, and fail fast

Be kind & respectful

We actively contribute to creating an inclusive and enjoyable workplace daily. We show empathy towards our colleagues and find ways to develop ourselves and our peers in every interaction


We always thrive to consistently deliver awesome work, and never compromise on quality. We pride ourselves in bring our A-game to everything we do, no matter what

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