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The all-in-one workspace for
innovative sales team

Collaborate with colleagues. Automate manual tasks.

Make smart decisions. Save time.

Pod is your integrated system of actions. You can access the information you needs directly in Pod. You don't need to jump between 15 different tools

You can now access Pod faster than ever, directly from your browser

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Log in with Salesforce to update your pipeline

Review your Salesforce pipeline. Filter, rank, and search specific deals to update relevant information in seconds. Create new object and sync directly to Salesforce.

Prioritize your day
smart insights

Engagement scores will help you prioritize the hottest deals. Read through case studies for your deals. Push deals forward with contextual recommendations.

Track pending tasks
& set reminders

Set-up tasks and assign them to an opportunity/contact in Salesforce. Receive a reminder notification when a task is past due to always stay on top of your pipeline.

Review your calendar
& log new meeting

Navigate your calendar and daily meetings. Schedule new meeting and sync it to Salesforce. Review activities for your deals (i.e., meeting, email, calls).

Prepare note docs for  prospect meetings

Create a meeting note or account plan for any deal and sync it to Salesforce. Use templates, make real-time updates to Salesforce, and review knowledge cards while typing



It only takes seconds to be
more productive


The Unified Workspace of 
all sales teams members

Account Executive

Reduce busy work and collaborate with colleagues to close deals faster

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Sales Leader

Run your pipeline review in minutes and focus on  coaching your team

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Accelerate ramp up of new sales reps & maximize process compliance

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