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Consultative selling isn't optional anymore

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Sales is evolving as buyer's expectations are changing. Long gone are the days where sales was about ABC, 'Always Be Closing". Buyers hate being sold to and have changed the way they engage with sellers accordingly. It is now more important than ever to adopt a consultative approach.

Frankenstein tech stacks are more often than we think. And it affects all sales team, from the managers to the sellers.

Oftentimes, even prospects don't realize they have a problem. They're so deep in their day-to-day work that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

When talking about software, many organizations (sales orgs especially) have built a "Frankenstein tech stack, paying hundreds of dollars per rep and have 10 different systems stitched together.

That's why consultative selling is so important.

Selling isn't a transaction anymore; it's a journey for sellers to help buyers realize they might have a problem and support them find the right solution for it.

🚫 What you shouldn't do

- "Look at my cool new tool, here are all the cool things it can do"

- "Ready to buy?"

✅ What you should do

- "Help me understand what your day-to-day looks like"

- "What are your objectives as an individual or an organization"

- "What's stopping you from getting there"

- "Here's the value that our tool can deliver"

- "Here's how you can use it and how it fits into your broader"

It's a better outcome for everyone. More pleasant experience for the buyer. Less time wasted on deals that are going nowhere. Taking the time to ask the right questions, genuinely being interested in helping potential customers allow sellers to build meaningful long-term relationships with their potential customers.

Take control of the sales process. Take control of your pipeline.

Remove the noise. Close more deals 💪


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