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What makes a great seller great?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

It's always been unclear what differentiated average sellers from the great ones. Is it the way they interact with prospects? Is it how much they follow the sales methodology? We now have the answer!

The best sellers are the ones that best manage their time, focus on most important activities, and know their product inside-out

Research on over 120 B2B reps, from the folks at Uhubs, has shown that one of the key competencies of high-performing account executives is time management & product acumen 🤔.

This means the ability to:

  • Run a tight sales process so you never drop the ball on your deals

  • Prioritize the deals to focus on

  • Minimize low-value admin work (updating tools,

  • Identify the relevant information to have productive sales discussions

The old mentality is that enterprise sales is mostly about personality, emotional quotient, or "likability". This isn't the case anymore. Reps that exceed their targets use the right tools to stay organized, better collaborate, and source information quickly.

New generation of sellers are taking this matter in their own hands - recognizing that their performance is influenced by how they structure their workflows and by what the tools they leverage to make their life easier.

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