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Review and update all of your Salesforce records, in seconds, in a configurable & easy-to-use dashboards. Review opportunity, contact, account, leads, and much more at your fingertips


Connect with your main tools (CRM, Email, Calendar, Slack, Gong, etc.) to update key information when & where most needed. No more tab chaos.

You can have more visibility on your opportunities progress with Pod - customer meetings, internal meetings, email, phone calls - stay on top of your pipeline.


Structure your workflows with more consolidated note-taking, task tracking, deal timeline, success plan, and more. Make sure you’re always on top of your work

Sales enablement delivered in real time, recommendations, alerts, analytics to help account executives to work better, faster, smarter


Actionable recommendations, analytics, nudges, and more to guide AEs on where to best focus their time and better navigate their pipeline. Prioritize your time more effectively

Welcome to the
smarter way for

account executives
to close deals

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is the smart productivity workspace for sales teams

Pod connects to your sales systems and provides the tools & insights to work BETTER, FASTER, and SMARTER

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