May 23, 2024

User Guide: What Is Atlas?

User Guide: What Is Atlas?

April 17, 2024

Before we dive in, this is the first in a series of guides to introduce you to Pod. Feel free to check out the other guides on AI coach, Prioritize, or Organize.

It’s Monday morning, 3 weeks before the end of quarter.

You’ve got 5 days of selling ahead of you. You’re at 80% of quota, and this is the final push to get a few more deals over the finish line. So… what do you do?

  1. Open your CRM right? Whoa, that’s a lot of deals. Which ones could close in the next 3 weeks?
  2. Check your email - okay wow, 40 unread, guess there were a few responses from last week I didn’t get around to. Which of these should I prioritize responding to?
  3. Do some prospecting? You open up Apollo (maybe ZoomInfo if your company is rich). Okay, there’s some new contacts in these lists. What do I say to them? You gotta be personal to cut through the noise.
  4. Oh look, there’s a Slack message from your manager, RevOps wants clear updates of your pipeline before EOD. What needs updating?

The first thought that crossed your mind: how do you move forward with so many priorities? Unfortunately, this is the reality of Account Executives (AEs) everywhere. With so many tools & apps to jump between, you’re spending more time on admin than on actually selling.

Bottom line - It’s overwhelming. It kills your performance.

Start your day with Atlas

Instead of staring at your CRM, email, calendar, Slack, or a dozen other tabs/apps trying to figure out your next move, we want to introduce you to Pod Atlas. Atlas is your new sales home. Every time you open a new Chrome tab, it is now your home page and gives you direct access to the full power of Pod.

It is a single place to start and succeed throughout your sales day.

With Atlas you can:

  • Start your day knowing exactly what to focus on
  • Follow key actions to move your deals forward
  • Be on top of your pipeline at all times (your manager will love you)
  • Spend less than 20 minutes a day on admin work

Atlas empowers you to focus on what matters so you can close more deals, faster.

What can Atlas do for you?

We aim to make your experience accessing and navigating your Pod workspace as simple as possible. Atlas is no different. By installing the Chrome Extension, Atlas will be there 👏 every 👏 single 👏 time you open a new tab. With Atlas, you’ll get to:

🔎 Access your sales compass

The first screen you’ll land on (always) is broken into 3 pillars to help you get into it.

  1. Prioritize - takes an X-Ray to your pipeline and tells you which deals to focus on
  2. Organize - access your full list of alerts, reminders, and automations to tackle your admin work
  3. Develop - offers way for you to improve as a seller and outperform. *we are still developing our Develop offering, stay tuned for more on that soon.

Take a glimpse at each pillar to you direct access to more information and actions.

Access the guides on Prioritize and on Organize.

🤖 Access your AI helpers

From Atlas, you can pop open the Apps drawer where you can see all the AI-powered functionality at your disposal. First and foremost is our AI Coach, but you can also access Tasks, Email generator, and Knowledge Center. Each of these tools will help you get more done. Check them out for yourself!

🗺️ Access your entire workspace

If you know exactly what you need to do, then jump right in. Quickly access the full suite of functionalities in Pod. Whether it’s reviewing your pipeline, diving into a deal, spinning up some notes, or doing research on a prospect - simply click on it directly in your Atlas.

Access the guide of our apps (Knowledge Center, Email generator, Task manager, etc.) in our Resource Center.

How Atlas fits into your week

  • Monday morning planning - Open Atlas to see how your important meetings for the way and important deadlines
  • Daily kick-off - Open Atlas to see the deals to focus on today
  • Customer meeting prep - Open Atlas to access the information you need and do some research on your prospect
  • Pipeline review - Open Atlas to dive into a specific deal and review your progress
  • Quarterly development check-in - Open Atlas to see how you compare to your colleagues and explore

Get started with Atlas

What are you waiting for? You can get started for free on Pod by following these steps:

  1. Install the Pod Chrome Extension
  2. Literally open a Chrome window (and a new tab if needed)
  3. Repeat step 2 anytime you find yourself idle 🙂

Atlas is a new way to run your book of business. We know changing habits can feel a bit scary. Here are a few more resources to help get started:

  1. Book a personal demo (see the app, ask your questions)
  2. How Account Executives use Pod
  3. Resource Center

Keep on crushing it 💪

Head to User Guide: What Is AI Coach?

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