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You have enough on your plate. Pod coaches reps with personalized playbooks to help your team close more deals.
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How do Sales Leaders
enable their team with Pod?
Multiply your top performers
With personalized coaching, your reps know what to prioritize and what are the right sales moves. Shared best practices help everyone operate at their best.
Stop running after updates
Pod gives you end-to-end visibility into your team's pipeline. Stop running after reps to update their CRM, you can focus on supporting them.
Build forecasts you can trust
A forecast is only as good as the data it feeds from. Pod gets reps to keep data updated in real-time, so you can make smarter decisions.
Salespeople Everywhere
How do account executives succeed with Pod?
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Focus on selling, without the guessing
By analyzing your deals, Pod points you to what deals to focus on and what moves to make to move them forward. Pipeline management on autopilot.
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Update once,
sync everywhere
Deal updates, activity logging, meeting bookings, and more - all done instantly, and sometimes automatically, for you.
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Use playbooks that win
With data-driven recommendations, alerts, and content, Pod helps you navigate  always know what to say and how to tackle prospect objections.
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Deal Timeline
View deal progress at any time
Easily track deal progress for any deal. Activities, field updates, tasks, and notes are laid out in an easy to visualize timeline. Perfect for the weekly 1:1s!
Develop Your Reps
Track team goals & performance
Track account executives' progress against open pipeline and quota objectives. Focus on supporting team members that are struggling.
Scale Top Performers
Replicate your top performer with best practices
Help your team leverage the best sales playbooks to know who/what/where to engage prospects. Win rates will go through the roof.
One Place For Your Pipeline
Tons of tools. Administrative tedium.
Put it all in One Place
AI-generated recommendations for your deals

Make smarter decisions and prioritize your pipeline by accessing relevant contextual analytics, recommendations, and knowledge articles.

Organize Notes & Action items

Gone are the days of the notepad. Structure your notes and tasks around your deals. Collaborate with colleagues to always be on the same page.

Access & Update your Pipeline in seconds

Get access to key information from your Salesforce and Google Calendar. Create, delete, update, and log information all in a single tool.

Discovering Value in Every Plan

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