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The Smart Workspace for Sales Teams

Remove the noise.

Close more deals.

You shouldn't waste time digging through all your sales tools. Focus on what matters and hit your quota every month with the only all-in-one productivity workspace, built for you. 

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All-in-one workspace to collaborate

CRM is always updated & pipeline reviews are quick

Real-time enablement for smarter decisions


Now the sales tech stack is consolidated around Pod productivity tool, making it easier for sales people to work

10 applications to update. No time to sell

Your manager is always on your back

No clue where the right information is


Disconnected sales tech stack today

What is Pod?

The only sales workspace 

where productivity meets intelligence

Update Salesforce records (opportunity, contact, leads, account) in seconds in Pod


Update your CRM easily & save time

Manage your sales tools all in a single place with Pod to save time. Salesforce is clunky. Create, review, and modify opportunities in seconds.

Pod allows you to collaborate, take meeting notes, sync them to Salesforce, and create templates

Never drop the ball on your deals. Use Pod as your go-to app to kick off the day. Track open tasks, share note documents, set reminders, sent weekly updates, and more. 


Stay organized & collaborate better


Make smarter decisions, with actionable insights

Know what to do at all times with Pod. Real-time recommendations, nudges, and enablement will help you to prioritize your deals, know the best next step, and prepare better for customer meetings.

Sales enablement delivered in real time, recommendations, alerts, analytics to help account executives to work better, faster, smarter


Build account plans & track deal progress

Stay on top of your deals and never drop the ball with Pod. Get an overview of your pipeline's activities and execute on your success plan.

Review Salesforce activities in a single place, sync new calls to your CRM and have more productive pipeline reviews with your manager.

The Unified Workspace of 
all sales teams members

Account Executive

Reduce busy work and collaborate with colleagues to close deals faster

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Sales Leaders

Run your pipeline review in minutes and focus on  coaching your team

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Accelerate ramp up of new sales reps & maximize process compliance

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