June 4, 2024

What Is Pod 2.0?

What Is Pod 2.0?

April 17, 2024

One year ago, we launched Pod with the aim of optimizing how sellers manage their pipeline.

Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to hundreds of Account Executives (AEs) from organizations like Rewind, Soundcloud, and WebFx. We listened to their feedback about what we were doing well, where we were lacking, and most importantly, what challenges were most critical to them. When we set out to enhance Pod, it was with the voices and challenges of these AEs that guided our product development.

Today, we’re introducing Pod 2.0, the new home for smarter pipeline management.

This new iteration of the Pod platform isn't just a simple facelift (but yes, it does look nicer); it's a complete update designed to address the core challenges faced by sales professionals today.

The reality is that Pod 1.0 was about laying the groundwork and showing the art of the possible. With Pod 2.0, we are demonstrating the art in action. This evolution is not just about improvements; it's about transforming how sales are done. So what is Pod 2.0 all about?

What we heard

Sales professionals we talked to did not hold back on their workday struggles. A few recurring pains we heard:

  • Too much admin work 🫠: Admin tasks, while necessary, take time away from selling. We know this problem isn't getting better. This work can be overwhelming and chaotic, with different apps fighting for your attention throughout the day, leaving no time to actually sell.
  • Efficiency isn't enough ⏳: Simply being efficient doesn't close more deals. True success in sales comes from effectiveness. Do you really need a dozen apps, tools, or softwares to get your job done? We don’t think so.
  • Lack of direction 🧭: Reps often struggle with knowing how to close deals. They need better direction and information to be in control of their pipeline and make better decisions.

The other tools out there are just about updating your CRM, writing emails for you, or summarizing your calls. You’ve seen them; we’ve seen them. These tools might be cool, but they just aren’t enough to help sellers close deals.

What is Pod 2.0?

Pod is the first AI pipeline coach for B2B sellers, making it incredibly easy for account executives to close more deals, faster. As your new home base, Pod guides you to manage your pipeline smarter. Pod helps account executives oversee and navigate their pipelines to maximize their effectiveness in driving sales.

Picture this: Every morning you jump into Pod to take control of your workday. Whether you're reviewing your pipeline, engaging on a deal, preparing for a crucial meeting, or gearing up for a pipeline review, Pod is there to help you do your best sales work. With Pod, you’ll know where to focus, do less admin work, and never miss a follow up.

The benefits of using Pod

  • Higher conversion rates 📈: Pod helps you focus on the right deals, leading to more closed deals.
  • Lower average deal cycle ⏩: With clear guidance and prioritization, deals move through the pipeline faster.
  • More time selling ⏱️: By automating administrative tasks, Pod allows you to spend more time on actual selling.
"Pod has quickly become the top 3 apps that I use on a daily basis… I have touted it to all my colleagues that are using Salesforce.”
- Account Executive at WebFx

Who is Pod built for?

We built Pod with 3 groups in mind:

  • Built for Account Executives 💰: Take control of every sales day through clear focus, reduced admin, and staying organize
  • Empowering Sales leaders 🚀: 10x your sales team’s performance with scalable, personal playbooks and full visibility into pipelines
  • Optimizing RevOps 💨: Deliver real-time enablement with personalized recommendations and guidance for faster ramp-up times and consistent sales performance.

Pod was purpose built with sellers in mind, designed to empower individuals and facilitate peak performance. The platform also serves as a collaborative workspace for the entire team to achieve collective success. Sales is a team sport after all—Pod is there to support seamless collaboration and drive collective success.

How does Pod 2.0 support you?

Start every sales day in Atlas

Atlas is your new homepage.

Instead of opening a dozen different tabs and tools, Atlas is your one stop shop to help guide your day. By installing the Chrome Extension, Atlas will be there 👏 every 👏 single 👏 time you open a new tab making it easier than ever to find everything you need in one place and stay focused.

Simply ask Chat with your AI Pipeline Coach

Pod is your trusted sales AI Coach. It’s like having your manager’s expert guidance right when and where you need it. The AI Coach is built on an extensive repository of the most valuable sales practices and insights available today. Start your day with Pod’s prompts or with what’s on your mind!

Focus on what matters with Prioritize

The Prioritize space an easy way to keep an eye on deals with your Watchlist, helping you identify Top deals and deals At Risk with data-driven deal signals. Take the guesswork out of where your focus should go. Prioritize does it all for you.

Stay on top of your pipeline with Organize

From getting you ready for every meeting to automating tedious admin work, including the tasks you hate doing, Organize is your assistant, helping you master your sales activities with precision and ease. With Organize, you can simplify your workflow and increase productivity by centralizing all your essential tasks in one convenient place.

Get started with Pod for free

You can get started today—it's free and as easy as ever. The basic tier is free forever, but you can now access our Pro tier for more features and capacity.

If you're not ready or don't have Salesforce, sign up for updates to stay informed.

If you want to see how Pod can help your entire team, book a demo. We're here to help you manager your pipeline smarter. 😎

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