May 23, 2024

User Guide: What Is Prioritize?

User Guide: What Is Prioritize?

April 17, 2024

Before we dive in, this is the third in a series of guides to introduce you to Pod. Feel free to check out the other guides on AtlasAI Coach, or Organize.

You’re starting off your workday, hot coffee in hand, getting around to opening up all your work tabs. As a sales professional, this includes taking a look at your pipeline to see where your deals stand. As the pipeline loads, you're presented with a list of 30 ongoing deals in various stages of progress. That overwhelming feeling starts creeping in.

Which deals will close this week? This month? Which ones are at risk of stalling out? Where should you focus your time and energy today? You’ve gotta keep the strongest deals moving while not neglecting those that still need nurturing.

With limited guidance available, it can feel like you need a magic 8 ball to see into the future and know which ones are truly worth pursuing. That’s where Pod comes in.

What is the Prioritize space?

We all know how chaotic it can get trying to keep track of deals as they move through the pipeline.

Pod's Prioritize space is here to guide you through the clutter with precision and purpose. This intuitive tool will help identify top deals, deals At Risk, and keep an eye on the deals most relevant to you, all in one space. Prioritize lives in Atlas, giving you direct access to an overview of your day.

Prioritize makes sure you are always focusing on the right deals with the right information to make strategic sales plays.

What Prioritize can do for you

Checking Prioritize every single day is the secret sauce to closing more deals, faster. With Prioritize handling the heavy lifting of reviewing and ranking your Deals, you're free to focus on what you do best: closing deals and exceeding quota.

1. Top Deals: Stay in the know with what’s going on

This space gives you all the details you need to chase the deals that are most likely to increase your win rate. No brain power needed.

Prioritize provides insights like sales stages, key customer contacts, strategic notes, and more based on the underlying data of your deals, activity logs, and key stakeholders. With this information, you can fine-tune your follow ups to improve deal conversion. You'll know exactly where to focus your time and energy for maximum impact.

2. At Risk: Probe the state of your deals

Not all deals are created equal. Prioritize uses scoring models and AI algorithms to spotlight your top and at risk deals. The Watchlist can be used to flag crucial deals deserving your special attention.

Prioritize surfaces opportunities that you might be overlooking but could still bare fruit. Take a look at your At Risk deals and partner with Pod’s AI Coach to come up with the best next move. You might even surprise yourself with how many At Risk deals start contributing to your quota!

3. Opportunity Matrix: Manage your pipeline

Pod also includes an Opportunity Matrix to provide a comprehensive overview of your pipeline’s landscape in a nice visual format showing you the pace and temperature of your Deals. You can easily switch between Pod's perspective and your own judgment, giving you the flexibility to make informed decisions that align with your sales strategy. You can even investigate your deal watchlist to keep an eye on the most important deals in your pipeline.

4. Deal Signals

We’re over mixed messages. Deal signals are going to tell you exactly how it is. By deciphering signals of health, pace, and responsibility, Deal signals empower you to better understand the dynamics of each opportunity in your pipeline. You can then confidently determine which deals are truly worth pursuing, allowing you to allocate your time and resources more effectively.

These signals come from data points within your opportunities, including factors such as deal size, velocity, and stakeholder involvement. With Deal signals in your arsenal, you've got a killer tool to fine-tune your sales game and skyrocket your chances of winning big.

When to use Prioritize

By embedding the Prioritize space into your daily routine, you empower yourself to stay focused and proactive on owning your sales pipeline. Here’s what using Prioritize can look like:

  • Beginning of the week: Kick off your week by tapping into the Prioritize space. It's your roadmap for the week ahead – helping you set priorities on deals, nail down goals, and get laser-focused on what matters most.
  • Pipeline review preparation: Pipeline review coming up with your manager? The Prioritize space is your secret weapon for prepping like a pro. Highlight big wins, flag shaky deals, and walk into that meeting knowing exactly where your book of business is at.
  • Last sprint of the quarter: As the quarter winds down, the Prioritize space becomes your best friend. Use it to zero in on the deals that'll make or break your quarter. It's like having a coach cheering you on as you sprint to the finish line.

Why you need Prioritize

The Prioritize space is your ticket to maximizing your sales potential and crushing quota. With competing priorities throughout the day, Prioritize is where you go to get laser focused on the deals that truly matter and reduce wasted effort on low-value opportunities. Daily check-ins ensure you stay on top of every deal, preventing any from slipping through the cracks. If you’re juggling a dozen different deals and struggling to keep them all in check, Prioritize is going to be your compass in a sales storm. Ready to sign up?

Lastly, we have User Guide: What Is Organize?

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