Sales Tips
May 28, 2022

Sales Productivity: Cutting Through The Noise

Sales Productivity: Cutting Through The Noise

Sales Tips
April 17, 2024

Account executives are overwhelmed with a sea of tools being thrown their way. Repetitive data entry, internal coordination, and chasing down information. As a result, they spend most of their time on other things than selling. It's back for them; it's bad for business.

There has been no shortage of new sales tech in the last few years.

They all claim the same things: Close bigger deals. Close deals faster. Enterprise sales is complex though. Thinking that a cool new software is going to make all the difference is a bit naive. 🤔

How account executives work

In order to truly help AEs, we need to first understand how they work in the day-to-day.

Talking to over 100 B2B sellers, we've realized something: Account executives use, on average, 10-15 different sales tools on any given day.

Just imagine the number of tabs open in their browser 🤯

But how bad can it be, right?

To quote an account executive I spoke to:

📣 "Information is so all over the place that I don't know where to look and what to look for. I end up winging it most of the time"

This means:

  • Lower quality of their sales discussions
  • Slower speed of execution
  • Duplicative manual data entry
  • Prioritization of their work is based on "gut feeling", not best practice.

In my opinion, the key to sales productivity is to SIMPLIFY. Simplify your tech stack. Consolidate your tools. Streamline your workflows. Structure data & information.

This will make it easier for account executives to do the right thing, and do things right. Be more efficient and more effective.

At Pod, we give reps their very own workspace. A go-to tool connected to all their existing tools so they can get work done in one place.

Remove the noise. Close more deals 💪

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