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The Smarter Way For AEs to Sell

Meet your new AI copilot.

Close More Deals. Faster.

Account executives shouldn't waste their time on admin work.

Manage your pipeline crazy easily with a GPT-powered workspace built for B2B sellers.

A special offer for the Product Hunt community!

Pod main pipeline view with our AI sales copilot to guide account executives

Trusted by sales teams backed by top investors

What is Pod?

The only workspace for sales reps 

powered by AI & ChatGPT

Manage your busy work in a single place: CRM updates, notes, tasks, account plans, and much more, in your new workspace.


Organize your workflows intuitively


The AI Workspace for

all sales teams members

Account Executive

Reduce busy work and collaborate with colleagues to close deals faster

Collaboration (4).png

Sales Leaders

Run your pipeline review in minutes and focus on  coaching your team

Untitled design (8).png


Accelerate ramp up of new sales reps & maximize process compliance

Untitled design (9).png


Apply winning
sales plays

Know who, when, how to best engage stakeholders with real-time recommendations

Your path to President's Club

Never stall on

your deals

Know who, when, and how to engage stakeholders and push deals forward.

Always be prepared
for meetings

Get all the information you need on your accounts, right at your fingertips

Know where to spend

your time

Get up in the morning and know exactly which deals to work on

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